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Safer, Healthier, More Resilient Children, Families and Communities
Safer, Healthier, More Resilient Children, Families and Communities

Council of Churches

The HTC outreach team is currently based at CCN katutura, and working  as a team they  go to the community that can’t come them. Sometimes community member  they don’t have taxi money in many cases to find out they status The HTC outreach team  goes to  the different locations with different community leaders setting  up meetings with them to make the leaders ask for permission to be in their area also to ask them helping the The HTC outreach team to mobilize  the community itself and  community radio stations.

The HTC outreach team does mobilization usually  after getting permission from the community leaders,and they go out to  the areas and give out pamphlets and papers  to make them aware of the activities. This is  usually done  on Mondays and after that HIV counseling and testing is done.

If clients are being newly tested positive The HTC outreach team counsels the client and refer the client to a health facility of his/her choice for a cd4 count test and to see if the client is ready to be put on treatment. The HTC outreach team don’t just leave the client to deal alone with his/her result.

 There is  a programme called the care and support programme where HTC follows-up by calling the client after two weeks to find out if the client has reached the health facility and how the client might be coping with the result.That is: did the person acccept the result, and if disclosure took place and if the client is having psycho-social issues  and how the client is coping if not coping HTC makes sure the necessary counseling is done.

Also if institutions or companies request The HTC outreach team to do the HIV test or a necessary presentation this can be done.