Thu. May 19th, 2022

Early Childhood Development

It takes a Community to raise a Child: Systemic Support to Early Childhood Care and Development in Namibia

LifeLine/ChildLine has received funding from the Roger Federer Foundation to carry out Early Childhood Development (ECD) activities in the Khomas and Hardap regions for the next three years (January 2015 – December 2017). ECD in Namibia is still in its early stages, with centres often being run as private income-generating entities and many of them lacking minimum standards with regard to aspects around nutrition, health, safety, active learning support as well as parental and community involvement. In addition, the awareness and understanding of holistic child development is poorly developed, leaving key aspects of care, development, education, safety and protection still to be addressed.  The project aims to contribute to the current national efforts to improve the lives of children through provision of universal, quality early childhood education as well as holistic and integrated strategies to improve child protection, nutrition and health.

Expected Outcomes

is increased, parents are involved in creating an enabling environment for children to thrive.

Are improved to reach the Namibian Standards for ECD, as set out by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, and beyond.

To provide child-centred care, learning and support as a foundation for quality early childhood education are enhanced.

of and commitment to children, parents, and the value and importance of Early Childhood Development.

Have developed, which excel in one or more identified key areas and have the capacity to provide support to other ECD centres in those areas of excellence.

around ECD among stakeholders (including training institutions) at community and national level is stimulated and further developed.