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Safer, Healthier, More Resilient Children, Families and Communities
Safer, Healthier, More Resilient Children, Families and Communities


Established in 2001, North Central has its regional office in Oshikango and a satellite office in Ondobe. The NC team consists of diverse and dynamic staff and community based facilitators. 

LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia's North Central office enjoys strong community support and has built valuable relationships with the communities we serve – those in Oshana region as well as Ohangwena region. Our activities are diverse and include counselling and testing for HIV, working with children in and out of school as well as families and adults in the communities, raising awareness on issues that they are facing and changing social behaviour. Our main concern though is counselling. We deal with issues such as suicide, relationship problems, alcohol misuse, supporting people living with HIV, depression, bullying, teenage pregnancies, marriage problems, early marriages, child abuse, gender based violence to name a few. All our staff and community based facilitators are trained in Personal Growth and Basic Counselling Skills.

We give training on Positive Parenting skills to help parents and caregivers be able to listen and communicate better with their children. We educate children and parents in communities on harmful gender norms to alleviate harmful gender practices.

LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia's North Central office has strong collaboration with other stakeholders in the region, who together have made a big impact on social behaviour change. We work with the Min of Gender, Min of Safety (WACPU), Min of Education, Min of Regional, Local Government and Housing, Min of Health. We also work with NGO’s, FBO’s and CBO’s such as TCE, Oonte OVC, SOS Children’s village, Project Hope, Kayac, Catholic Aids Action, Tonata and Positive Vibes to name but a few.

We work closely with the local headman or community leaders to gain entry into the various communities.

LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia's North Central office values our clients and are dedicated and motivated to deliver the best possible quality service to our communities.