Thu. May 19th, 2022

Rundu – Kunene Region

Welcome to Lifeline Rundu Office

LL/CL North East is unique in that the office serves two region inhabitants, that the office have expanded its services of HIV testing to thousands in town and in hard to reach rural areas, community counselling, HIV and Teen pregnancy prevention sessions to adolescents, parenting skills training to caregivers, safe school/community planning training to various community members, abuse awareness to children to identify and report abuse, psychosocial support to PLHIV, HIV and GBV prevention and awareness to communities.

These programs act as links of help to services further needed such as children grants, safety, access to treatment, healthy and positive living.  Our office also work as one stop centre in providing a holistic response with all services offered to clients and mostly support government work in MOE, MOHSS, MGECW, MOY and the Regional Council.

LifeLine/ChildLine started operating in the town of Rundu in the year 2000 at Ekwafo Centre at the Rundu State Hospital premises. The office at first, offered general community counselling and awareness on social issues in the community.

In 2001, the HIV Testing and Counselling department, widely known as New Start, was opened to complement the generic counselling service.