Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Uitani ChildLine Radio

More on Uitani ChildLine Radio

LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia has a radio service for children recorded by children. This unique radio service has been in existence since 2005. Uitani ChildLine Radio is the only radio show produced for children by children in Namibia. On a weekly basis up to 20 children come to the little studio on the upper level of LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia’s Head Office in Windhoek to discuss and record issues that concern children all over the country.

 Uitani ChildLine Radio aims to create awareness by educating, advocating and entertaining young Namibian’s by young Namibian’s. Hence, the Slogan, “we talk about what you talk about”. Uitani ChildLine Radio puts the children and teenagers at the forefront of advocating for their peers.  The initiative is based on the principles of child participation, children’s rights and child protection.  The uniqueness of this endeavour cannot be overlooked especially the unmeasurable impact through continuous awareness raising, reaching communities in sometimes unreachable locations.

How do we choose Presenter?

An advert goes out, on our social media sits, when we do our schools outreach. Children are asked to fill in an application form. 

Once the application form is returned, we ask all the kids who applied to write us a motivational letter stating why they want to be part of Uitani, what positive changes they will bring to the team. If the child makes it through that process they are asked to come in and do a voice test, where they get a sheet of paper with a story to read, thereafter the child gets interviewed by Uitani Radio presenters and producer.

How do you choose topics?

We give autonomy to the child presenters and leadership, so more actual stories from children for children, more involvement, decision-making and responsibilities for child producers. Since then, Uitani has adopted this format of the show where children record on behalf of children and the LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia Radio Producer and Production Coordinator only supervises the process to ensure quality.


Production/Producing of Show

Five children come once a day, the producer sits with the children and come up with a topic for the day. The children decide on what topic they want to work on, usually its something that happened at school, or something that happened to the child at home, or something that directly effect the child. The child knows that if whatever is happening to them might be happening to other children, so they want to create awareness on that issue. They have a conversation on how to approach the issue, who they want to interview as an expert on the topic/issue. They do research, using the internet, magazines, newspaper articles and watching YouTube videos. After that they, they write their scripts and record.
The producer records, edits, packages and delivers the program to all partner radio stations/radio stations that air the Uitani Radio Program.