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Safer, Healthier, More Resilient Children, Families and Communities
Safer, Healthier, More Resilient Children, Families and Communities

Uitani ChildLine Radio

LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia also has a radio service for children recorded by children. This unique radio service has been in existence since 2005. Uitani ChildLine Radio is the only radio show produced for children by children in Namibia. On a weekly basis up to 20 children come to the little studio on the upper level of LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia’s Head Office in Windhoek to discuss and record issues that concern children all over the country.


Uitani ChildLine Radio puts the children and teenagers at the forefront of advocating for their peers.  The initiative is based on the principles of child participation, children’s rights and child protection.  The uniqueness of this endeavour cannot be overlooked especially the unmeasurable impact through continuous awareness raising, reaching communities in sometimes unreachable locations.In order to produce quality child led radio shows, both adult and children radio producers receive regular training ranging from technical aspects of research, producing and presenting programs, through to opportunities for teamwork, building self-esteem,  knowledge and skills.


Over the years, the child radio producers sought to become more involved in all aspects of the production of the pre-recorded shows. In 2013, with financial support of UNICEF and USAID, Uitani ChildLine Radio was afforded a unique opportunity to revamp the show. Over several weeks children and adults worked in different training workshops on a new experience for Uitani.  With the help of Dr Gabriel Urgoiti, a world renowned children’s media expert and medical doctor from South Africa, LL/CL Radio Coordinators, Producers and children received intensive training.  This required more participation and leadership from the children, more actual stories from children for children, more involvement, decision-making and responsibilities for child producers. Since then, Uitani has adopted this format of the show where children record on behalf of children and the LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia Radio Production Coordinator only supervises the process to ensure quality.

Highlights have been Uitani’s participation in the United Nation’s A World fit for Children plus 5 in 2007 in New York, at the end of which Uitani’s Lungeni Matsi made a speech in the UN General Assembly on behalf of the children of the world.  Closer to home Uitani children participated in important consultations on the Child Care and Protection Bill in 2010 and the 1St Namibian Parenting Conference held in Windhoek in 2015.

Uitani ChildLine Radio child presenters interview their peers, debate with parents, talk to experts and provide background information on where to seek help.

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